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Our infrastructure facilities include separate breeding & growing sheds, cold storage room for hatching eggs, separate farms and hatcheries for broiler breeders, feed and disease testing laboratories with modern analytical and diagnostic facilities.
Right through the production cycle, from arrival of parent chicks to dispatch of commercial broilers to customers, and from arrival of raw material in the feed plant to produced feed distribution to sheds, every step is controlled under strict supervision and bio security measures are followed.
Acrenest Innovative Farms has great potential to produce healthy broilers at reasonable rate. The farm is also generating local employment, producing organic manure for agriculture and contributing towards rural development. The farm is integrated to enhance quality and also optimizing the operating cost. The Integrated farm consists Breeder farm for parents, Hatchery, Grower farms and Feed processing unit under one roof.


Our breeder farm holds over 1000 parent birds to produce fertile eggs. They are well secured with stringent bio-security measures under through hygienic conditions. A disinfected environment house can give away enormous production in all the week.
All our parent birds are segregated and categorized age wise and breed wise, and housed separately in well thought-out free shed. All birds are housed in cages for better productivity and disease control. Cages ensure savings in housing, labor and power costs. All the sheds are equipped with feeding and watering facilities ensuring minimum wastage, and fans as well as foggers to reduce the shed temperature in summer. All parent birds are monitored by qualified veterinarians. All our hatchery units follow global standards of hazard control and sanitation.


A hatchery that is well equipped with state of the art incubators under strict hygienic conditions is in use. The staffs are trained to maintain standards and troubleshoot during any uncertainty. The targeted egg to chick conversion ratio is 90%.


There are 15 + 1 (stand-by) shades having capacity of 1680 birds each. There is 3 days interval between consequent batches. Birds are kept under deep-litter system. Proper ventilation is ensured for each shade. Most of the sheds are Environmentally Controlled and are equipped with advanced climate control systems which help in superior feed conversion ratio, better quality bird meat, increased productivity and health of the chicken, and reduced mortality. The veterinary doctor is visiting farm frequently along with supporting staff that constantly monitors the farms for health of the birds and rearing conditions.


The quality of the feed is the most important factor to produce superior feed conversion ratio, better quality bird meat, increased productivity and good health of the chicken. Hence, it is decided that the Feed will be produced in-site. Two (02) Ton/hr feed processing unit will meet the day to day demand of feed consumption and also producing feed in advance for unforeseen circumstances. One feed storage yard with approx. 2850 2ft area is constructed to ensure un-interrupted feed supply to all birds.
We have trained staff and well equipped labs to test the raw material supplied, before it is used in the feed formulations. The raw ingredients are tested for nutrient content and any pathogen / mycotoxin before approved for use.


The domestic broiler meat demand is growing with rising purchasing power, changing food habits and increasing urbanization. The growth in demand is supported by implementation of integrated farm.
The live birds will be sold in wholesale market and in open market to shopkeepers. The dressed & frozen chicken will be sold to the end consumers through offline & online modules. Logistics is handled by a dedicated fleet of vehicles.